Your Friendly Neighbours wish you, “Welcome to Denmark – Welcome to Dragør!”


Who are your Friendly Neighbours?

The “Friendly Neighbours” is a group of volunteers who wish to give our new citizens a warm welcome. We do what we can to give you a good start with your new life in Dragør and in Denmark.

The “Friendly Neighbours” in Dragør offer help to new citizens in the community of Dragør – except from people staying in “Asylcenter Kongelunden” who receive help elsewhere.


How can we help?

The “Friendly Neighbours” arrange  activities for the benefit of our new neighbours. Such as:

  • City sightseeing by bike
  • Bowling
  • Social cooking

The most important thing is to create good social relations in your new country. You are most welcome to share your ideas and proposals concerning events you would like to participate in. Of course, just having a cup of coffee and a chat, always possible. 



Language school

Learning Danish quickly is the key Volunteers from “Danish Refugees Council” will help you individually with learning to read and speak Danish.

Where?  Every Monday at  Store Magleby School  from 17: 30 – 19:30.Bring your books and papers from Kastrup Language School.

Everybody welcome!



Dragør – an active town

There are quite a number of clubs, associations and groups in Dragør – some of them are active in the cultural life – others in sports. The list of goups is long: cinema, song, football, handball, table tennis, badminton, rugby, canoeing, rowing, yachting, karate, floor ball, volleyball, horse riding… etc. etc.

Let us help you pick up an old hobby or teach you a new one. Being active in clubs and other groups helps you to make new friends. We’ll  be happy to help you get started.


Denmark is a country of bikes

We have a saying, “A man without a bike is like a cowboy without a horse”.  A bike makes it easy to get around in Dragør and to get to Copenhagen. Let us help you get a bike and maybe teach you to ride a bike. It’s good exercise, and a nice way to experience your new surroundings.


How do you join us?

Send us an e-mail, telling us what you would like to do, how we can help you and where you live: kontakt@venligboerneidragoer.dk, visit us at Facebook, “Venligboerne in Dragør”, or visit the homepage: www.venligboerneidragoer.dk.

Call 27 52 12 01(monday tuesday, Thursday between16:00-17:00)

Join us!


The history of Dragør, the fishing village

To put it shortly: the history of Dragør is in fact a history of immigrants.

In 1500, peasants from Holland were invited to “Amager” by the Danish king. He wanted them to produce good, fresh vegetables for the Danish Court, and he gave them land. Ever since, the culture of Dragør has had a certain Dutch “touch”. Today Dragør is still an attractive place to move to – new citizens arrive from other parts of Denmark, and in fact from all over the world. Dragør is close to Copenhagen Airport, and this attracts quite a few foreigners. Dragør is a small, provincial town – nicely hidden away behind the airport. Even so, it will only take you about 30 minutes to go to the center of Copenhagen by bike.